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Answer the phone at any mobile DJ service and the first thing you'll likely hear is "How much do you charge?" While that's an excellent question, and one you'll definitely need to discuss, it's not the only consideration when choosing a mobile DJ for your event. Today, we're all used to buying relatively inexpensive products that offer good quality for a fraction of the name brand price.

The thing you have to keep in mind is mobile disc jockeys aren't providing a product, they're providing a service. Unlike two TVs that do basically the same thing and have roughly the same quality, no two mobile DJs are alike. They all have individual strengths and weaknesses. Some DJs are more experienced, some have less experience. Another consideration is the DJ's equipment. Though very low cost DJ gear is available these days, reliable, high quality gear is still very expensive. Can a DJ charging $150 for four hours provide a reliable, high quality show when most DJs in your area charge four times that amount or more? Probably not.

Finding good wedding entertainment is an art form. Choosing your wedding entertainment can make or break your wedding. Not that you should worry about what your guests think, after all it is your wedding, but you also want to make sure people do enjoy themselves. A wedding should be memorable and unforgettable and that is where your entertainment comes into play.
The first thing you need to consider is your musical content. Picking the DJ for your wedding can be crucial. What makes a good DJ is someone who just doesn't understand the music they play but also the people they play it for. An excellent DJ is someone who can add bass to music which does not normally have bass in it. A great DJ also knows when to talk and when to remain quiet and let the music speak for him. With a good jumping bass people will get up and dance and that is the main job of a DJ is to get people up and on the dance floor.
Let's talk about what the DJ does before and after the event, something most people overlook or just do not know about. How many hours do you think a DJ puts into each wedding reception. I will let you know at the end of this page, right now lets talk about it.
First thing the DJ does is talk to the client on the phone, or emails back and forth. Your DJ needs to know what you want and make sure everything runs smoothly. After you have booked your date, you are either sent by mail a music list request and party planner or they were sent by email, or in my case they are online. Your DJ will check in with you every other week to make sure you are ok and if you need any help. Making sure things are filled out properly and on time is the DJ's responsibility. Your DJ should have a music list that covers just about everything out there, while we all know we can't afford to have every song made but you may want some songs we do not have, we will get them and have them for your event.

Time consuming isn't it.... think about it. But wait I'm not done.....

We have monthly expenses, expensive (not cheap) professional sound system and lighting, vehicle to get to the party, and music the biggest investment we have. Now let's talk about these.....
Our monthly expenses are, website, advertising (otherwise we would not be found),
lead generation sites.
Sound systems and lighting are very expensive in today's market. A good set of speakers systems are going to cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000. And typically will be replaced every 5 to 7 years unless taken care of very well.
We all need a vehicle, I believe this is self explanatory.

Now let's talk about music, 12 years ago we had to buy our music in the stores and each song was about 3.50 to 5.00 for a single. Now days they are .99 to 1.69 depending on where you buy them, yes buy. Everyone knows it's possible to obtain "free" music through online file sharing. Is this where the music played at your event should come from? Songs obtained through online file sharing may be low quality, only part of a song, the wrong song altogether, or a poor karaoke version. For family or youth events, vulgar lyrics are another issue. There are literally dozens of potential problems with DJs using downloaded music. Professional DJs obtain their music through professional sources. There are companies that provide disc jockeys with "clean" versions of all the current hits for a nominal monthly charge. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure the DJ you choose subscribes to one of these services.
What kind of training does your DJ have if any.

Be careful using larger DJ companies, they tend to hire just anyone off the street and say here's the music go play some music. Make sure you are dealing with the DJ who will be performing at your event and ask for references.  I personally have a reference page listed on the website.

There is also the setup before each event and tear down, setup takes anywhere from 1-4 hours and tear downs are about the same.

While you can hire a cheap DJ for around $250 and less, they lack the professionalism a more experienced DJ has. They will have the cheap speakers, look cheap and will not have the music collection and if they do they are stealing it from sharing sites. They also are a risk factor. The average good DJ will be anywhere from $450-1200.

Hiring a DJ may not be part of your normal routine, but these tips should help you make an informed decision when comparing DJs for your event. In many ways, it all comes down to common sense. If a DJ service makes you an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Let's assume you're comparing DJs for a high school prom and looking into giant screen music video shows, a popular option. Two DJ services quote you a rate around $2,000, but a third promises an equal show for $450. How does the third service offer the same show at less than a fourth of the cost? Realistically, they can't. The expense is too high !

I hope you found this informational and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. And most importantly, enjoy your event!

A DJ puts anywhere from 20-30 hours on each event. Most of our time is preparing for the event before it even starts. Most people do not even realize this.


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