Line Dance Instructor Eva and hubby Kelly
Tuesdays 7:30 til she gets tired. Here's a list of line dances we do on Tuesdays.

Slappin' Leather
Flyin' 8
Cowboy Stomp
Cowboy Cha Cha
Cotton Eye Joe
County line
Swamp Thing
Reggae Cowboy
Progressive Cha Cha
20 Step
5 Step
2 Step
Cinco de mayo
Blue Rose
All Shook Up
Cowboy Motion
Now Or Never
16 Step
Texas Waltz
Tush Push
The Morf
Southern Delight
Cowboy Boogie
Sweetheart Schottische
Watermelon Crawl

We No longer have a Country night although you are welcome to come on Wed, Fri and Saturday. We will honor your Country requests all night.

We miss you Eva

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And you too Kelly !!





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